Where can I buy Lebara?

Lebara is, just like Youfone and Simpel, an international Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). This means that Lebara does not have its own communication network and associated license, such as KPN and Vodafone, but sells mobile telephony under its own brand name via the communication network of another operator. Lebara is therefore a provider of mobile telecommunications and uses KPN’s 4G network.

Lebara is active in several countries, such as the Netherlands, Australia, Norway, Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom. Are you wondering who owns Lebara? The company behind this mobile telecom provider is based in London and is called Lebara Limited.

Which Lebara subscriptions do you have?

Lebara therefore offers mobile telephony subscriptions. Lebara offers the following mobile products: sim only subscriptions and prepaid products. With both Sim Only and Prepaid you will receive a Lebara SIM card. What is a Lebara SIM card? That’s a card you get from Lebara and put it in your phone. The SIM card ensures that your phone connects to the mobile network of your provider (in the case of Lebara, this is KPN’s 4G network). What does a Lebara SIM card cost you wonder? A Lebara SIM card is free! As a new Lebara customer, you can easily buy a SIM card in the store or online that you can top up later with call credit, a bundle or SIM Only.

What is the difference between Sim Only subscriptions and prepaid?

  • Sim only subscriptions
    With a sim-only subscription you take out a subscription for Lebara internet and telephony. You can choose the bundle and duration yourself and also indicate whether you also want to make international calls.

  • Prepaid products:
  1. Call credit (Lebara One). What is Lebara One? With Lebara One you opt for calling credit: you can use internet, call and text at fixed rates. You will not receive an invoice afterwards. Have you run out of calling credit? Then you simply top up with a new calling card.
  2. Bundles. In addition, Lebara offers Prepaid bundles. These bundles can be subdivided into different products. From data bundles where you can only use the internet in the Netherlands, to national and international bundles where you can call, use the internet and send text messages. The data credit that you buy with a bundle is not automatically extended (because…prepaid). Lebara Unlimited is such an international all-in bundle with 5, 10 or 50 GB, 100 text messages and with which you can make unlimited calls to 44 different countries. To which countries can you call with Lebara Unlimited? For example to most European countries, but also to Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Canada and the United States.

Where can I buy Lebara?

It’s better to ask yourself where you can’t get Lebara… You can get Lebara at many physical points of sale (9,000!), including supermarkets such as Albert Heijn and Spar, bookstores such as Primera and Vivant and also at MediaMarkt, Phone House and smaller telecom shops. Note: not every store has the same range of Lebara products, some stores only sell SIM cards and prepaid products. On the Lebara website you can check where the nearest point of sale is in your area.

Of course it doesn’t stop there, you can also find Lebara products online in many places. Of course you can get various Lebara products from us.

How long is Lebara credit valid for?

The Lebara One calling credit and the data on your SIM card are valid indefinitely, if you top up, call, text or use data at least once every 90 days (after you have topped up). If you don’t, your calling credit will be frozen, so you can’t use it. Others can still call you. If you still do not use your calling credit in the 30 days after that, your calling credit will lose its validity.

If you have a Lebara Prepaid bundle, your calling credit is valid for 30 days after you have activated your bundle. After that, your call and data credit will expire.

Lebara how to top up & where to buy

How do you upgrade Lebara? You can easily top up your calling credit via the Lebara app or online, with us. You choose which calling credit, Lebara One, or which bundle you want. You pay securely with, for example, iDeal or Paypal. Immediately afterwards you will receive a code with which you can top up your Lebara calling credit.

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