Reasons to love video games

While the ubiquitous belief is that video games are addictive, research has shown that playing video games can offer children and adults a number of benefits. Here are a few reasons to love gaming, which you probably haven’t heard before!

Interested in history and inspires you to read more

With so many different benefits of gaming right now, it’s a miracle we can even get a fraction of it. Fortunately, one of the most popular series is the Assassin’s Creed franchise, steeped in factual and fictional history.

The games take place in real-time periods, with the player participating in actual events featuring fictional and historically accurate characters. This is just one example of a deep and rich historical focus on games.

Assassins Creed on mobile

The Total War games are full of historical accuracy and freedom. The latest release of Total War: Three Kingdoms introduces those un familiar with China’s epic history and could very well have gamers pick up the famous book on which it is based, promoting more literacy.

Helps multiple sclerosis patients improve their balance

Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a serious disease that affects the nervous system. Although it can be treated, there is currently no cure.

In addition to medications, video games have even been shown to help MS patients with their uncomfortable symptoms such as balance, cognitive functions and motor disorders. MS patients often undergo heavy physical therapy for their ailments, and video games may be a new form that they can easily manage and open.

Elderly gaming

“For example, a study published in November 2014 in the journal Radiology reported that 24 MS patients improved their balance and even reduced their risk of falling as a result of playing video games with a Wii balance board. The game works by letting users stand on a board as they move their weight to follow the interactive on-screen instructions. “

While video games don’t cure MS, they can potentially be a valuable and life-changing experience for those who suffer from it.

In addition to being a great board game, the Wii has proven to enhance the number of gaming benefits, combined with something like the Wii Fit.

Video games canstop cravings

While we all feel completely enchanted by a great game, can it help people who struggle with cravings like smoking?

A study was released in which players who played the puzzle game Tetris experienced significantly less craving than those who did not participate in Tetris. This was initially a study to determine whether games could curb cravings for junk food, and ultimately helped people who suffered from severe addiction to alcohol and tobacco.

Benefit of gaming cravings

Prof. Jackie Andrade, van de School of Psychology and the Cognition Institute aan de Plymouth University, legt uit:

“We think the Tetriseffect occurs because desire means you imagine the experience of consuming a particular substance or surrendering to a particular activity. Playing a visually interesting game like Tetris deals with the mental processes that support those images; it’s hard to imagine something vivid while playing Tetris at the same time. “

It seems that late stay up playing Sekiro: Shadows That Twice was actually healthy and not bad for me! Okay, maybe not exactly the same, but still. It’s absolutely good to know that it might be a good thing to see Tetrisblocks when you close your eyes at night! The benefits of gaming could not be clearer in this case.

Like video games themselves, the research into how games help or hurt us is still very new.

There is still a lot of research to be done before we discover how the virtual characters, stories and worlds we love really affect on a physical and mental level.