Everything about Vodafone Prepaid

Vodafone Prepaid, for all people who don’t like to take out a subscription. With prepaid, as the name suggests, you pay your costs for your telephone usage (call minutes, text messages and internet data) in advance. You do not need to take out a subscription for this. In the past, prepaid was equivalent to calling credit, the ticket that you bought at the shop around the corner and that you could top up by means of a code. Nowadays you can also take out bundles.

We tell you how to get a Vodafone prepaid SIM card, how to top up prepaid Vodafone and more. Read with me.

What is Vodafone prepaid?

What is Vodafone Prepaid? This is a product that Vodafone offers, in addition to, for example, SIM-only subscriptions and telephone subscriptions. You pay credit in advance for calling minutes, text messages and internet data. As soon as you have used up that credit, you can no longer call, text and use the internet (you can receive calls and texts). Prepaid falls into two categories:

First of all, you have Vodafone prepaid top up. With Vodafone prepaid topping up you top up your calling minutes, text messages and Vodafone prepaid data when you need it. Prepaid top-up uses more expensive rates than prepaid bundles. What does prepaid calling at Vodafone cost? The standard rates that Vodafone uses for this:

  • calling minutes: EUR 0.20
  • SMS: EUR 0.15
  • internet data (MB): EUR 0.10

The second category of Vodafone prepaid products is the Vodafone prepaid bundle (the largest prepaid category). With Vodafone prepaid bundles, you take out a bundle in advance, containing a certain number of calling minutes, text messages and internet data. You can also take out a Vodafone internet bundle, a bundle that only contains internet data. You can take out day, week and monthly bundles with Vodafone, which indicate how long the bundles are valid for. As mentioned, the costs of prepaid bundles at Vodafone are lower than prepaid top-ups. You then pay for the number of calling minutes, text messages and internet data and in return you receive a fixed number of calling minutes, text messages and MB or GB. The costs therefore depend on the bundle you choose. Which prepaid bundles does Vodafone offer?

  • Day bundle: 10 GB, 100 calling minutes and SMS.
  • Weekly bundle: 2 GB, 100 calling minutes and SMS.
  • Budget Monthly bundles: 500 Mb and 2 GB and a separate call and SMS bundle.
  • Luxury Monthly bundles: 4, 6 or 10 GB, including calling minutes and SMS.

Vodafone prepaid validity

Do you want to know how long Vodafone prepaid is valid? Again, we have to distinguish between Vodafone prepaid top-ups on the one hand and Vodafone prepaid bundles on the other.

For Vodafone prepaid top-ups, the credit you buy in advance is unlimited. Please note that you must use that calling credit at least once every six months. This can be done by calling, texting or using the internet once.

For Vodafone prepaid bundles, the validity of the bundle depends on which bundle you have purchased.

  • day bundle: this bundle is valid for one day. In concrete terms, this means that this bundle is valid until 23:59 on the day of purchase. The bundle will not be automatically extended or renewed afterwards.
  • weekly bundle: this bundle is valid for one week, ie for seven days. The bundle will not automatically renew or renew after these seven days.
  • monthly bundle: this bundle is valid for one month. The monthly call and SMS bundles are not automatically extended or renewed after one month. The internet data monthly bundles are automatically renewed after one month. You can cancel these internet data monthly bundles in any month and there is no notice period.

How to top up Vodafone prepaid?

Nice and nice, but how does Vodafone prepaid actually work?

First of all, you need a Vodafone prepaid SIM card. You will receive this within two working days after placing your order. As soon as you place it in your device and turn on your phone, the SIM card will try to connect to the Vodafone network. You activate your prepaid bundle by texting to 4000 or via your Vodafone account (My Vodafone). Fortunately, if you switch to Vodafone Prepaid, you can keep your number.

If you have Vodafone Prepaid Top up, you can top up your credit in various ways.

  • Online: via iDeal or credit card. You then enter your mobile number, the amount with which you want to top up your credit and your bank or credit card details. You will then be redirected to the payment screen where you pay with your debit or credit card. You will then receive confirmation of your top-up by SMS.
  • Automatically: Here you indicate once with which fixed amount per month you want to top up your credit. From then on, that fixed amount will be automatically added to your credit every month.
  • SMS: With this you send Vodafone an SMS with the amount with which you want to increase your credit. You will then receive an iDeal payment link on your phone with which you can pay. You can also send a text message with the amount with which you
  • Top-up voucher (the old calling card). With this voucher you will receive a code, which represents a certain value). You enter this code or pass it on when you call 1200.
  • payment link. Enter your details and the amount by which you want to increase your credit online and receive an iDeal payment link directly on your phone.

If you have Vodafone prepaid bundles, you have paid in advance for a fixed number of calling minutes, text messages and internet data. These bundles are (often) valid for one month, after which they expire and you can renew them or renew them automatically (depending on the bundle you purchased). If you find out during the validity period of your bundle that you still need more calling minutes, text messages or internet data, you can always take out an extra bundle.

You can easily request your prepaid credit by:

  • STATUS to text to 4000
  • check the status of your credit online in your My Vodafone account.
  • check the status of your credit in the My Vodafone App.

Where can you buy Vodafone prepaid?

Of course you can buy Vodafone Prepaid at the physical Vodafone stores or on Vodafone online. In addition, many other shops and websites offer Vodafone prepaid products, both Vodafone Prepaid Top Up and the Vodafone Prepaid Bundles.

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