Everything about sim only from T-mobile

If you’re looking to sign up for a sim-only subscription, it’s useful to know which provider suits you best. We’ve got a range of articles to help you on your way.

As well as T-Mobile sim-only subscriptions, we also explain all about sim-only subscriptions from the likes of Youfone and Lyca.

What is T-Mobile sim only?

Just like KPN, Vodafone and Tele2, T-Mobile also has its own communications network. In April 2020, T-Mobile did not score as the best mobile provider in the Consumentenbond test (although the provider was rewarded with an 8.0). Why is this? T-Mobile scored highest on the following negative points: Problems with calls and SMS and problems with the internet. Especially when it comes to problems with the internet, you read a lot of negative reactions: T-Mobile has received many reports from users about slow internet.

T-Mobile offers various products and is therefore seen as a complete provider. The products are divided into the following categories:

  • Mobile (everything related to your mobile phone traffic).
  • Home (TV, Internet and fixed network)
  • A combination of mobile and home

In the following, we discuss the different mobile products of T-Mobile.

What products does T-Mobile Mobiel have?

T-Mobile offers prepaid and subscriptions. Subscriptions can be divided into sim-only and phone subscriptions. T-Mobile has several sim-only subscriptions:

  • 1 GB: 120 talk minutes, unlimited text messages, 1 GB internet credit.
  • 5 GB: 120 talk minutes, unlimited text messages, 5 GB internet credit.
  • 10 GB: 120 GB, unlimited text messages.
  • Unlimited: unlimited GB in Germany (subject to fair use policy), 18 GB in the EU
  • Unlimited Plus

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T-Mobile offers all these subscriptions for one and two years. Is T-Mobile Sim Only cancellable on a monthly basis?

No, it isn’t. A T-Mobile subscription is not month-to-month, but you can change it every month – whether you want to go up or down. For example, did you choose a 1GB subscription with T-Mobile when you took out a sim-only subscription, but gradually found out that you wanted to use the internet more anyway? Then you can adjust your subscription upwards for free. You can also adjust your subscription downwards free of charge.

What happens when your subscription expires after 1 or 2 years (depending on the form you choose)? In principle, your subscription is automatically renewed. At the end of the fixed contract period of 1 or 2 years, your subscription will be converted from a fixed-term contract to an open-ended contract and will be tacitly renewed every month (by one month). From this point on, i.e. when your fixed contract period has expired, you can cancel your subscription every month.

T-Mobile sim only business

In addition to the standard sim only subscription, T-Mobile also offers business (sim only) subscriptions.

an. The sim-only subscriptions, called @Work subscriptions, have a term of one month, one year or two years. You have the choice between 3 GB or 16 GB, with unlimited phone calls and SMS or unlimited internet and phone calls. As a business customer, you also get a personal account manager, and you can choose a landline number (which you can reach and use from your mobile phone).

How can I convert T-Mobile sim only into a subscription?

There are two possible situations. First, the situation where you are currently using T-Mobile prepaid and want to switch to a T-Mobile sim only subscription. On the other hand, you can imagine the situation where you currently have a phone subscription and, because you have paid off your phone and it is still working fine, but you want to take out a new subscription, you want to switch to a sim-only subscription.

Let’s say you are currently pre-paid for your phone but want to take out a sim-only subscription. Easy, with number portability and no connection fee, at a T-Mobile shop, online or by phone. You choose which sim-only subscription you want to take out and then everything is sorted.

Do you have a phone contract and want to switch to a T-Mobile sim-only subscription at the end of the contract period? Four months before your contract expires, you can renew your subscription with a sim-only subscription. This can also be done with number portability in a T-Mobile shop, online or by phone. 

What are the cheapest T-Mobile sim only subscriptions?

The cheapest T-Mobile sim-only subscriptions differ for private and business customers. For the private user, the cheapest subscription (the 1 GB subscription) is EUR 13.50 per month, based on a two-year subscription. If you opt for a one-year subscription, your monthly costs are slightly higher: then the cheapest subscription would cost EUR 14.50 per month.

For business customers, the cheapest Sim Only subscription is 3 GB, EUR 17 per month (based on a two-year subscription, the one-year subscription costs EUR 18 per month and the one-month subscription costs EUR 19 per month).