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If you want to take out a Sim Only subscription, it is useful to know which provider suits you best. We help you on your way in a number of articles. In addition to Sim Only subscriptions from Lycamobile, we also explain everything about Sim Only subscriptions from Lebara and Simpel, among others.

What is Lyca?

Like Lebara, for example, Lyca is an MVNO. This means that Lyca does not have its own communication network, but sells mobile telephony under its own brand name via the communication network of another operator. Lyca is thus a mobile telecommunications provider. Do you want to know which network Lyca is on? That’s KPN. That used to be Vodafone, but since 2013 they have switched to KPN (to which most MVNOs are connected by the way). Lyca is known as a provider with cheap(er) international rates and slightly more expensive national rates. This provider is therefore especially interesting if you make a lot of calls abroad.

Lyca offers four different products:

  • Top up (prepaid)
  • Data Bundles
  • National Bundles
  • International Bundles (sim only)

Below we explain exactly what these products contain.

Prepaid from Lycamobile

If you go for Prepaid, you can choose between the amounts EUR 10 and EUR 20. How to top up Lyca? This can simply be done in a store or online, where you can buy the well-known calling cards from – official – providers. Each card represents a certain value. For example, after you have purchased a calling credit card online, you can pay for it via iDeal or with a credit card. Then you text or call a number where you enter the code on your credit card. You can call 1244 for free, where you follow the steps in the menu and enter the top-up code. You can also do it another way. Enter 101 on your screen, followed by your top-up code, hash and finish with the call button. You can then immediately use your calling credit. How much does Lyca top up cost? The top-up itself is free, the number you can call (1244) is free and entering your code after 101 is also free.

In addition to prepaid, you can also choose from the Data, National and International bundles. What do those bundles look like?

Data bundles National & International

  • Data Bundle: here you buy a bundle with credit for internet data. You have data bundles in sizes XS, M, XM, L and XL, ranging from 500 Mb to 5 GB for 30 days.
  • National Bundle (the so-called Holland Bundles, which are therefore very suitable for users who mainly call and text domestically): these bundles are available in sizes XS, S, M, L and the largest, “Super”. All bundle sizes have unlimited calling minutes for national calls and unlimited national text messages. As with most mobile providers, unlimited is not endless, but a Fair Usage Policy applies. The amount of data available for mobile internet varies in the Holland Bundles, which of course depends on the size of the national bundle you choose, from 3 GB to 35 GB.
  • International Bundles: These bundles are suitable for users who frequently call or send text messages abroad. Many different flavors are possible: Lyca offers, for example, an EU Plus bundle, where you can call and text to Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Bulgaria and the countries in the EU. In addition, you have All-in-1 bundles, in sizes Medium and Large, where you can call and text to 45 countries worldwide. Finally, you have specific international bundles, such as the Nigeria Bundle and the Pakistan Plan.

Lyca does not offer one or two year subscriptions, but only works with bundles (or with prepaid). That’s great if you don’t want to be tied to anything (read: to a subscription).

Activate Lyca Internet

How to activate Lyca internet? After you have chosen and purchased your bundle, you will receive a code to activate your bundle. Activating this actually works in the same way as activating your Lyca calling credit. From that moment on you can use Lyca internet (if of course you have chosen a bundle that includes internet data). Do you want to check how much credit you still have at your disposal? How can you see your MB at Lyca? You can easily check this by entering *136# and pressing send/call. You can also check your data online in your My Lycamobile Account.

How much does a Lycamobile SIM card cost?

What does a Lyca SIM card cost? It is available for free! Wondering why you can’t call 0900 numbers with Lycamobile? A 0900 number is a paid information number that can be requested by anyone and is used for contests, news, weather and sports reports, help desks and balance checkers. As a provider of a 0900 number, you can determine the rate yourself, so calling a 0900 number can be very expensive. In addition to the regular call rate of the mobile provider, you therefore pay extra costs for the 0900 number. A number of mobile providers, such as Lycamobile, have set up a block so that users of their bundles cannot call 0900 numbers.

Lyca calling credit, how long is that valid?

Lyca’s call credit can be used indefinitely, as long as you use the call credit at least once every six months. The bundles are valid for 30 days. As long as you do not stop the bundle, it will be extended automatically.

Lyca, where to buy?

You can easily buy prepaid by purchasing a calling credit card in the store or online. In addition, there is also an app available (iOS and Android) with which you can easily top up your credit.

You can purchase bundles in several ways, namely by means of a one-time payment using the existing call credit, online or in the store. Lyca customers must therefore have sufficient call credit in their account or use a suitable payment method to purchase the bundle online (this can be done via iDeal or credit card). There are many different websites that offer these products.

What is my Lycamobile number?

Do you not know what your Lyca number is now? It’s very simple: once you’ve put your new Lycamobile SIM card in your phone, you can check your number by dialing *102# or (97#).

Which is better, Lyca or Lebara?

Lyca and Lebara Bundles are often compared because they both focus on cheap international calling and SMS traffic. They are therefore known as a good choice for international purposes, but nationally as relatively expensive providers. Do you want to know which provider is best for you? Check out our Sim Only comparator.

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